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The production
MON&TEX products are manufactured in non-woven fabric in order to guarantee the protection of medical operators.

Azienda certificata

ISO 9001
ISO 13485

Custom pack

MON&TEX Corporation is able to propose and design, in regards to the customer, different and personalised sets of products even for the most specific operational exigencies. Surgical drapery, surgical gowns, and all the single-use accessorise for the surgery (gauze, tampons, blades, scalpel, dressing, drain tubes, syringes, etc…) may be assembled in personalised sets.

Using the personalised set allows:

  • Gaining time during the preparation of the surgery, improving in the meanwhile the aseptic condition.
  • Reducing the eventuality of mistakes and risks.
  • Lowering the amount of waste deriving from the packaging.
  • Computing the exact cost of the intervention.
  • Assuring the traceability of the used equipment.