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The production
MON&TEX products are manufactured in non-woven fabric in order to guarantee the protection of medical operators.

Azienda certificata

ISO 9001
ISO 13485

Operator's covering

MON&TEX surgical gowns are designed in order to guarantee medical operators with the highest protection and comfort during surgical interventions. For this reason, the alcohol/waterproof non-woven gowns are implied in order to make an anti-bacterial and non-allergic barrier, and, at the same time, to provide the highest comfort and a good wearability.

Surgical gowns, which are either with or without impervious reinforcements, present special double seams. The gowns are sealed in a double wrapping, and folded in order to be easy to wear in respect of the aseptic procedures.

MON&TEX surgical gowns are also provided with the certification as DPI (Self-Protection Devices) products.